sakura tree sakura art pretty wallpaper| Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial | step by step the sun rises

sakura tree sakura art pretty wallpaper| Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial | step by step the sun rises

Easy and basic acrylic landscape painting tutorial using 6 limited colors on how to paint The sun rises step by step painting tutorial for beginners.

In this basic tutorial, you can learn on step by step the sun rises.
It's an easy tutorial made specifically for beginners who just want to explore color mixing with 6 limited colors and make vibrant different colors to achieve this result.
You can also learn how to paint aurora borealis.  Please don't forget to hit like, comment, share, subscribe and hit the bell button for more videos.
Happy painting and keep learning!

Here is the name of the colors I am using

423 Titanium White
351 Prussian Blue
335 Light Blue Permanent
045 Cadmium Yellow Medium
449 Vermilion Hue
016 Black

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