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acrylic painting landscape pictures.
landscape sundarban in acrylic painting.

Sundarbans mangrove forest Despite a total ban on all killing or capture of wildlife other than fish and some invertebrates, it appears that there is a consistent pattern of depleted biodiversity or loss of species in the 20th century, and that the ecological quality of the forest is declining.[citation needed] The Directorate of Forest is responsible for the administration and management of Sundarban National Park in West Bengal. In Bangladesh, a new Forest Circle was created in 1993 to preserve the forest, and Chief Conservators of Forests have been posted since. Despite preservation commitments from both Governments, the Sunderbans are under threat from both natural and human-made causes. In 2007, the landfall of Cyclone Sidr damaged around 40% of the Sundarbans. mangrove forest
Throught this painting i have tried to show the nature of the sundarbans by alok ranjan art

Alok Ranjan Art Studio is a fine arts  and digital artist studio. I am from Sundarban. I always working about my Sundarban nature Sundarban animals  etc. I also making painting about and other things and another area. I am from India so I making many kind of Indian culture. I love another country and the landscape. I love to make painting in acrylic colours, oil colours, watercolors, pastel colours, and many kind of pencil sketches. thank you for visiting my profile. if you have any query about my channel you can search Alok Ranjan Art email address, ( I am happy to help you.
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